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Welcome on ANTICOM research project website

ANTICOM is a research project that develops a global history of anti-communism since 1945.

It defends the idea that to seize the forms of this transnational ideology supposes to articulate archival sources of several countries and several historiographies (i.e. the history of the Cold War, the history of colonial empires, the history of transatlantic relations, the history of the European Union).

The research team gathered for this project has already digitized nearly 30,000 pages of archival documents in the United States, France and Portugal. These documents make it possible to delineate a global network of organizations (such as the World Anti-Communist League or the Anti Bolshevik Bloc of Nations) who have so far little been studied by social scientists.

The blog will be used to ensure open access to our database, wich will be hosted online via Heurist. It will also feature articles on our methods and technical implementations (OCR, text mining…)

Many studies have already documented how Western governments deployed surveillance administrative, as well as judicial dispositifs to contain communist movements. Other scholars have documented the national as well as transatlantic networks of academics and intellectuals that countered the communist influences in domestic politics, universities and other cultural fields. However, anti-communism, as a stream of transnational ideas that contributed to profoundly reshape industrial and business organizations, remains under-documented.