Public Database

A first part of our database is now public.

Twelve months after the beginning of our program, we managed to collect enough materials to start drawing the map of a global network of actors and organizations very active in the anticommunist movement from the 1950s to the 1990s.

We put in place a method to trace the global networks of anti-communism by extracting data, names of organizations and actors from a huge corpus.

We want to do this to make a qualitative exploration of some funds but also fully benefit from the progress made in recent years by digital humanities use of archives a method that team members have experienced in their previous works

This first database is hosted by our colleagues of the Heurist Team at the University of Sydney.

It allows explorations in the archives of Albertini and Drenikoff.

Without allowing direct access to the direct archives (only researchers on the team have access to the extended version of the database), this first database will be able to help the research community.

It makes it possible to find out who is quoted in the archives of these two important actors in the history of anti-communism.


A Global History of Anticommunism (1917-1997)

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