Seminar EHESS – “Socio-histoire de l’anticommunisme”

For the past three years, this collective investigation seminar has been primarily intended as a training seminar in archival investigation. Benefiting from a partnership with National Archives and La Contemporaine, we have explored various archives of anti-communist leagues and employers’ organizations deposited since the 1960s.

For 2018-2019, the seminar will take place in two stages. The first sessions will be devoted to a presentation of the methods of socio-history and the publishing of an article on Bonnemaison’s network. Then the second part of the seminar will be devoted to the the invitation of specialists in the history of anti-communism. Adèle Momméja will present her research work on the retraining of former OAS activists. Sylvain Laurens will present his research on AGINTER-PRESS. Denis Leroux will present his PhD on the history of the “5eme bureau” during the War of Algerian independance.

The entrance to the seminar is reserved primarily for EHESS students. But it is possible to participate in some sessions if a request is sent by email.
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A Global History of Anticommunism (1917-1997)

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