• François Denord, Research Fellow CNRS-CESSP
  • Mathieu Desan, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Colorado—Boulder
  • Paul Lagneau, Maître de conférences, Paris Dauphine University, Researcher at CNRS-IRISSO
  • Sylvain Laurens, Maître de conférences, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Researcher at CNRS-CESSP.
  • Adèle Momméja, Research Fellow CNRS-CESSP
  • Thibaud Morin, Sociologist, Editor of digital corpus (EHESS)
  • Baptiste Pagnier, Sociologist, Editor of digital corpus (EHESS)
  • Ingrid Chateau, Sociologist
  • François Schoenberger, PhD Student, Assistant EHESS-Lodel University Lausanne
  • Pierre Alayrac, PhD Student ENS-EHESS-CESSP
  • Margot Roisin, PhD Student EHESS-CESSP
  • Bastien Barouh, Sociologist, Editor of digital corpus (EHESS)
  • Mélanie Sargeac, PhD Student Nanterre University

A Global History of Anticommunism (1917-1997)

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